Which 10 will you choose?

They will be released monthly from 5 October 2022

5 October 2022: Cranial Bones in Depth
3 November: Intracranial Membranes & Fluids
9 December: Those Curious Cranial Nerves
11 January 2023: On the Floor of the Mouth
9 February: Up & Down the Spine
LIVE 26 - 27 January & 23 - 24 February: Working with the Endocrine System (2 sessions)
LIVE 9 - 10 March, 29 - 30 March, 25 - 26 April: Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis (3 sessions)
LIVE 24 - 25 May & 22 -23 June: On the Brain (2 sessions)
To be scheduled: Peripheral Nerve Pathways (3 sessions)

You can choose any 10 classes, though we recommend the first five, with either the endocrine and visceral classes, or with the brain and peripheral nerves... but you could also do the endocrine, viscera, brain and peripheral nerves instead. What works for you? Let us know when you have booked!

Can't decide? Have a closer look at them all individually, from the links below, before you make your selection! In fact, you don't even need to decide now, if you book the package, you can decide as you go.

Then how will it work? The first five will be available as recorded online courses, from the dates specified. The others will be taught live but also available recorded after that. One week before each live class you have selected we will email you with access to the course materials page, the zoom link and any instructions.

You will be able to print out the handouts, workbooks or whatever is needed for your class

After the live class, or for the recorded ones, the video recordings will be posted in the same place. It will remain here for you to come back as often as you like.

Whichever classes you have done will be available from your personal dashboard!

To find out more about what is in each of these classes see the links below, but to choose 10 and only pay for 8 then click back to purchase from this page!

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This package saves you £300 - get 10 courses for the price of 8!

Pay in one go, or spread the cost over 8 months if you prefer - as long as they are all paid for by the time the last course runs!