Cranial Bones

* The cost is £150 for a single class but book more than four via a bundle and they are reduced to £120 each.

Part of Craniosacral System Essentials or the set of 10 or 15 courses.

This course is one of the foundational classes for deeper understanding of the cranial bones - especially useful for CST therapists.

Not too sure about all the names and aspects? You will get a lot clearer. Happy with the basics and ready to add more? We will add details about the sutures, holes in and between bones and what goes through them.

The plan is to give you confidence to know more about what could be going on when you are treating and to have a clear 3-d picture of the 'land' that is lying under your hands...

You will also get:

  • Workbook

    A workbook to print out before the online class and use during it, and afterwards for review.

  • Handouts

    You will be able to print the slides we will refer to, annotate them during the teaching time and use them afterwards to remind you what we learned.

  • Recording

    You will get the zoom link to join the online class plus access to the recording of your class which students find excellent for review.

What we will cover:

  • The intricate details of each of the cranial bones

    What is the difference between your greater and lesser wing? Which bone houses a facial canal and an internal acoustic meatus? What goes through your superior orbital fissure? When we know these things and many more we can build a better sense of the magic that can happen under our hands when we treat...

  • What are the meeting points of the bones like?

    How do the sutures differ between different bones, where are there holes instead? How does the 3-d jigsaw that is our bony head fit together?

  • What bones will we include?

    We will spend time examining all of these: frontal, parietals, temporals, occipital, sphenoid, ethmoid, nasals, zygomae, maxillae, lacrimals, palatines, vomer, inferior conchae and let's not leave out the mandible!

  • This class will help you consolidate your understanding...

    ...and, as ever, in interactive and engaging ways, even online, help make it relevant to your hands on practice.

"Great to review something you think you know well and then realise there are so many other intricate pieces to add in. This really helped my 3-d, hands-on understanding. Thanks!