Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Understanding anatomy and physiology is like being given a road map to navigate the human body. Alongside any complementary health training, your hands-on experience and dedication, it can help up your game as a therapist.

We take the tougher-to-learn 'body science' and decant it into simple, accessible chunks, 100% tailored for complementary therapists and health practitioners. With most of our own therapeutic work being in CranioSacral Therapy, we are the top choice for knowing what you will need if this is your therapy too - not knowledge for knowledge's sake, but for understanding and informing the work our hands are doing.

A College of Body Science course

will help you:

  • feel more confident

    about your 'body science', which will feed into your work

  • become more accurate

    in your treatments as your touch becomes more informed

  • be inspired

    and have fun learning things you can take straight into your next session

What are you looking for?

Our courses suit therapists at different stages of training

We understand your practice...

...and we speak your language

If you struggled with anatomy, physiology and pathology during your initial training, please be assured that this is different. 

Do you expect it to be heavy and a tiny bit dull? What if we could turn it into something fun and engaging? We aim to intrigue and inspire you every step of the way, because while many of us worry that we will not absorb enough, we all remember more if we learn creatively!

Our founder and course teacher, Caroline Barrow, has trained in shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, and been teaching the ‘science-y’ stuff for over 20 years. Her experience means she is able to anticipate – and answer – the questions that naturally occur either when you are starting out or after you’ve been practicing a while. 


Are you new to all this?

You may well be looking for The Foundation Certificate in Body Science

This is our flagship introduction to anatomy, physiology and pathology, which includes 13 live online teaching sessions and 3 days in-person on 'Becoming a Therapist' and Introduction to Palpation (from a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) perspective).

It is an intensive, mostly online, foundation course for anyone wanting to study without previous training (that said, its a great refresher too!).

The next class will start in January 2023.

We're not saying it's easy...

Learning - and remembering - anatomy and physiology can be challenging.

Most of us didn’t start out on the journey to becoming a therapist from a passion for the science. Most of us wanted to be of help and service to others.

But deeply knowing and understanding the physical and physiological terrain we are working with is an important part of that service.

It may take a while - and we are always learning, right? - but we can keep building on this, one step at a time, learning the language, building a 3-d understanding in our minds.

Some courses start with the framework, others fill in the detail. All give our hands more information that can be called on as and when a client needs it!

What students are saying

The online courses have great depth of content and knowledge. You are with like-minded people in the zoom classroom. Caroline is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to the anatomy; all the courses are worth every penny and now you can get access to all the material on the new website it's even more valuable.”

Sharon, after completing 5 online courses

An excellent three courses. I am now much clearer in 3D terms and have much more inspiration for finding ways to learn this stuff. I love your approach to teaching, you deliver your stuff with no fuss and a sense of much-needed humour!”

Liz, after 3 of the online courses

Wow. I have learned so much and had such fun with it in ways I would have never thought possible. Thank you so much for all your time and enthusiasm and helping me believe in me!”

Robert, after completing the Foundation Certificate

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for yesterday. It’s always such a pleasure learning with you. Such an important reminder looking at the real body! Thank you.”

Sam, after a Day in the Dissection Lab

Caroline teaches innovatively, presenting information in different ways and repeating and reviewing it, so that facts, names and implications stay with you.”

Suzy, after a 3 day in person course


Caroline Barrow

CBS Director

Classes have all been developed and are taught by Caroline Barrow, who started College of Body Science in 2001. Trained in several different modalities, along the way she discovered an unexpected passion for anatomy and physiology.

‘The more I learned about treating, the more fascinated I became with how the body really works. Then, the more specific my anatomical and physiological knowledge became, the more accurate I could be in my treatments and understanding how to help.

You may be interested in the body from the perspective of being a therapist and working with others’ bodies, for your personal health or maybe just because these quite miraculous ‘conscious machines’ we inhabit are worth consideration. Whatever your reason, our classes will prove over and over how amazing we all are!

‘I started teaching and gained my biomedical science degree at King’s College London (and have the honour of being able to use their dissection lab facilities for some of our classes). Back then, there were still very few places to go to learn more. My initial dream, to help complementary therapists improve their 'body science' knowledge, has so far reached a few thousand people... I am excited that the (finally! - I've been talking about it for SO long) online versions of our courses have the potential to reach even more people, from wherever in the world they choose to learn!

Being a bit of an anatomy geek, Caroline also loves keeping an eye on new papers and info on anything that relates to what we do in practice. She also runs the Upledger Institute UK teaching Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, and has a private therapy practice. Aside from being very busy, she is friendly, funny and passionate about what she does. 

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