* The cost is £450 for these three classes together, or book with at least two other courses and pay only £120 each.

Part of Organic Essentials and our 10 & 15 course packages.

These three online classes - Traversing the Thorax, Analyzing the Abdomen and Pondering the Pelvis - will bring an in-depth appreciation of the locations and relationships of all of the organs therein.

If you have done CST1 you will find that this will give you an in-depth understanding of the anatomy all around each of the diaphragms you will have learned how to treat. This will also serve you extremely well at any stage of learning as it will increase your knowledge of where your hands may be drawn to in the body.

Understanding the physiology of what each organ does will also be touched upon but our key focus will be how to know where we are when we are drawn to work in specific places.

This cannot help but include greater clarity in the ways the important fascial sheets create the order within - ie how exactly does the pleura, pericardium and peritoneum hold everything in place?

Most importantly we will make all of this relevant to what you might feel with your hands when working with the body.

You will also get:

  • Workbook

    A workbook to print out before the online class and use during it as well as afterwards for review.

  • Handouts

    Print the slides we will refer to and annotate during the teaching time or access them afterwards to remind you what we learned.

  • Recording

    You will get the zoom link to join the online class plus access to the recording of your class which students find excellent for review.

What we will cover:

  • The first two days we will spend 'Traversing the Thorax'

    Understand the heart and lungs, how they work together and how they sit in relation to the mediastinum and all the other structures that traverse the thorax!

  • The key to the Analysing the Abdomen?

    In many ways is the peritoneum, certainly in terms of understanding how such long and varied intestinal tubes and their accessory organs stay in the right place and order! The second two days will look at all of this and the abdominal wall that 'fronts' it all!

  • Pondering the Pelvis..

    On the third class we will look at the male and female pelvis and understand the arrangement of the structures and the importance of the pelvic floor and muscular supports.

  • All classes will include aspects of blood and nerve supply

    We will make sure you can tell you azygos from your sympathetic chain and your hepatic artery from your celiac plexus!

    In all of the courses while diving deep into the organs and their individual layers, we will also follow the threads of slinked innervation and blood supply so you understand the trunk as a whole.

    This will all help you to increase your palpation skills while maintaining the lightness of a CST touch (if that is what you practice!)

"Thank you for the last couple of days - it was definitely a lot for me to take in, I am just grateful I have the opportunity to re-listen to each day... The break out rooms are also really good as everyone has been lovely, supportive and full of helpful advice which I very much appreciate."   Angie