* The cost is £300 for these two online 2-day classes, or if you book it as part of a set of 5 or more classes then they are reduced to £120 each.

Part of Organic Essentials or the set of 10 or 15 courses.

Often students say this is one of the hardest systems to grasp. So if you have struggled to distinguish your prolactin from your oxytocin, or your thyroxine from your vasopressin, not to mention your ACTH this course could be for you!

We will look at the glands of the endocrine system, the hormones they produce and what (we know!) about what they do.

New information is coming to light all the time and we will bring some of the recent research findings to your awareness so you will feel you are up-to-date.

But most importantly we will make all of this relevant to what you might feel when working with hands-on bodywork techniques.

You will also get:

  • Workbook

    A workbook to print out before the online class and use during it as well as afterwards for review

  • Handouts

    Print the slides we will refer to and annotate during the teaching time or access them afterwards to remind you what we learned

  • Recording

    You will get the zoom link to join the online class plus access to the recording of your class which students find excellent for review

What we will cover:

  • The hypothalamus... the master gland..

    Why is the hypothalamus often dubbed this 'master gland'? What can we learn about the input it receives and the ways it responds? It of course has a huge connection with...

  • The pituitary gland

    Understand the two key sections of this gland, what the different cells within it produce and the jobs done by these many hormone secretions, which will lead us into...

  • Many other endocrine glands...

    The thyroid, adrenals, heart as an endocrine organ, stomach and other places that secrete these fascinating chemical messengers...

  • We will aim to consolidate and improve upon our ability to hold awareness of the many interactions of this system

    So that we can use the information to deepen the work we do with our clients and our understanding of the profound effect this can have.

"Knowing human anatomy is FUNdamental. Caroline has a superb ability to impart her incredible knowledge in a fun and accessible way. Having studied with her over the years online, in person and in the dissection room, she imparts something every time which I can take away and put into practice. It is wonderful to see the College of Body Science growing and allowing so many more to benefit from her sharing of knowledge."

Joanna Harris MCSP