First, about our online courses...

What are you getting when you sign up and how will it work?

  • Live Online Courses

    With the exception of the Foundation Certificate, our online courses are aimed at those who already have some knowledge. Our Live Online Courses are made up of 2-day teaching blocks, 3 hours each day. We have found that 3 hours, with a 15-20 minute break in the middle is about enough for most of us. Any more and we risk 'zooming out'!

    While each course can stand alone, they also build on each other. The number of 2-day teaching blocks will depend on which course or package you choose.

  • What happens when I sign up?

    When you sign up you will receive a welcome email that confirms your place, and gives you access to your College of Body Science course dashboard. Your course will appear here and will be accessible a week before the class with the downloads and zoom link.
    All of our courses are taught live, and we provide ongoing access to the recordings to support your learning.

  • How the courses work

    While all of our courses are taught live via zoom, we wlso provide you with the slides for the courses, workbooks, and any extra information or sheets to fill in. You can download and print extra worksheets to test yourself by labelling or filling the gaps to consolidate your knowledge!

    The recordings of your class will be uploaded as soon as they are processed and you can come back and watch them as many times as you like. Some we will make into smaller chunks too so it is easy to access what you wish to review.

"What makes a College of Body Science course different? 

"Caroline’s warmth and enthusiasm bring the facts and details to life, and will forever change how you think about and study anatomy!

"She teaches Anatomy and Physiology in a way that will make you a better therapist. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of how the body works, you’ll also develop your ability to visualise the structures and systems beneath your hands, while you work with your clients. I think of this as a kind of embodied knowledge, which informs your palpation skills and increases your competence and confidence as a practitioner."

Sara Hammond, Creator of Pathway to a Full Practice

Second, how we make them work for you...

...this stuff can be tricky to learn

  • What's Important?

    We have always found we learn best through a variety of interactive teaching methods and College of Body Science classes have always included as many creative approaches as we can dream up!

    Being online has encouraged even more creativity, and we will continue to develop the ways we present information. In addition, student feedback repeatedly assures us that the ability to pause, rewind and work with the recordings after the live class is hugely helpful for longer term retention.

  • How can we be interactive online?

    Its almost harder not to be! We:

    - use zoom's amazing 'breakout rooms', where you can chew over aspects of the material with your fellow students, answer questions or complete tasks that are set;

    - actively use workbooks, downloaded and printed before the class, to label diagrams and create notes together;

    - encourage you to answer out-loud the questions I put to you all - even if you are on mute!

    Different classes will offer us other opportunities for innovative methods to make it fun: self treating and getting hands on while we talk you through practical pieces, drawing and cutting out models, and making your own quizzes and challenges for your fellow students are just some examples!

  • Repetition, repetition, repetition...

    I will say it again (!), the chance to review the videos at your own pace has been the key bonus people say they have gained from the online classes. While we might miss the personal contact from in-person classes, the ease of tuning in from wherever we might be in the world, saving on travelling and accommodation, yet still getting these chances to upgrade our anatomical understanding, has been a great benefit to students and often gone straight to our hands and our clients that very day!