No previous anatomy, physiology or pathology training?
Rusty and need a recap?
This is perfect for you!

Are you wanting to train in CranioSacral, or another hands-on therapy, but you don't yet have the 'science' background? 

Or have you been doing hands-on training but find that your anatomy, physiology & pathology knowledge is rickety and rusty?  

Do you feel you’re missing parts of the groundwork that would help you stand out as a top hands-on therapist?

We can help.

We know we want what we do as therapists to be impactful for our clients. We want to have 'good hands' supported by our understanding of the body. If you are new to this and intuitively know a solid grounding will take you further, then you are in the right place. 

We developed the 'Foundation Certificate in Body Science' to give you just that. And we've been building and refining it over the last 25 years... It's a training that will give you a great foundation. The certification part will assist you in getting confident with what you know; and a decent appreciation of exactly what is under your hands will help you become a great therapist. 

It is intensive. Fun. And it is really rewarding.  

With 50+ hours of engaging video training & lots of interaction that supports your learning, the Foundation Certificate is designed to turn you into the best hands-on therapist you can be.

I was totally inspired by Caroline’s passion for teaching anatomy. I found it so useful to do with experience as a therapist, because it pulled it all together for me and I could relate it back to my practice.”

Heather Hollett

I saw this as something I had to do before I could get onto the fun stuff… But, it turned out to be the fun stuff!”

Laura Merryweather

I found the way Caroline weaves the course together extremely valuable. She somehow manages to really develop your understanding and embed the information in your head, while keeping it all pertinent to CST.”

Nick McIvor

OK, so you know you really want to become a therapist -  or an even better one - and build a business that suits your lifestyle and will bring you joy. 

You know some anatomy, physiology, pathology, knowledge is key.

Is that the exciting bit? You can't wait to get into it, grasp new things, absorb it all? If so - awesome, jump on in.

Sometimes its not quite that... maybe it feels a bit dull, daunting, possibly even downright terrifying? 

Lots of people doubt they will understand it, let alone remember it all... frankly if this piece scares the heebeegeebies out of you, you won't be alone. 

And yet...

Imagine not only gaining the knowledge you need to stand apart and deeply understand the body, but gaining this knowledge easily and methodically.

Imagine having sessions with clients where you are able to hone in on the problem more quickly and bring resolution not just because of your knowledge, but also your ability to apply it. 

Imagine how happy your clients will be when they experience better results... and how pleased you'll be with clients (and referrals!)  for life!*

So how do you get from here to there?

(*Seriously, I really do have clients that have been coming for over 25 years... not every week, but to all the places I've lived and they've referred others too.)

Bit by bit

Its a bit like lego. We have built the course up in a way that starts you off with some basics and uses them to build with. 

We give you words, explain what they mean, show how they are used. You start to understand the language.

We give you details about the small bits inside of us (eg cells) and then show how these differ in different places so you can understand how the different parts of us function. 

We teach the pieces in manageable chunks. One step at a time. Each will help you build towards the next.

We introduce topics, then come back to them, looking at them from different angles. 

You explore the importance of individual pieces and how each contributes to the whole. 

As you find your own learning style and figure out what works for you the learning becomes easier. We'll give you lots of ideas to make it fun. 

(Why? Then we remember things better! And that makes it - well, more fun!)

Because it is all recorded and you can get access to it on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, you can take it with you and listen and re-listen as often as you like. 

We will walk you across the bridge of learning.... so you will build a solid foundation. 

All the pieces

There are 10 lessons of anatomy and physiology to work through.

Each contain a selection of printouts, downloads, videos, demonstrations, visualisations - as many creative things we could think of. There are quizzes and review questions at the end. 

The pathology section will cover the types of conditions people present with in our clinics, as defined by western medicine, and also consider these from the point of view of complementary therapy, especially CranioSacral Therapy. 

There are pieces of homework to be completed. This helps you consolidate, and (ensure you can) explain things in your own words and clarify your understanding. 

Depending on when you join (see next section), there are also weekly check in sessions with a Q&A and fun review activities.

The exam is offered twice a year - that old time tested way of fortifying the knowledge you have gained! Your chance to show off and dazzle yourself with all you have learned. 

Successful completion of all of this will earn you a Foundation Certificate in Body Science. This is accredited by the Cranio Sacral Society in the UK and also recognised by Balens Insurance. 

But it will typically also give you a huge sense of pride. Satisfaction. Achievement.  

When Can I Start?

There are two options:

1. We will 'start' twice a year - currently February and September.

You can wait for this, join a cohort, work through each lesson weekly, and join a live check-in hour most Mondays. These give you the chance to ask questions about the lesson of the week, connect with colleagues, talk to me and we'll do some fun review activities too. These sessions are recorded and made available to the whole group in case you can't make it live.

2. Or you can also get started at any time...

...and make use of the past check-ins for each lesson. Depending on the time of year you may be able to join the current cohort (even though their questions may be on lessons you've not quite got to) or join the check-in sessions once the next group gets started and use them as useful reviews.

Or you may be confident enough to work on your own and join a pre-exam review session just before the next exam.

We will help you figure out what's best for you and be with you in some format each step of the way.

"I loved all of the anatomy and pathology courses I took from the College of Body Science. Caroline is an amazing teacher. Her methods of delivering information are excellent. She knows how to focus on important things and how to present them in an easily digestible way so that you actually retain what is taught. Caroline is particularly good at explaining how the body actually functions and how everything connects. 

I have taken the 'Foundation Certificate in Body Science' course which was very in depth and better planned than most university courses I attended in my life. I have also taken several other online courses and I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a passion for or curiosity about anatomy."   

Vlad Hasiu

Build the Foundation You Need

Over 50 hours of video and resources that include:

Lectures, demos, notes, quizzes, visualisations, drawing, worksheets…
Everything you need to consolidate your AP&P basics in an engaging, entertaining, relevant and fun way.

(You can also pay in 5 installments if you go to the bottom of this page)

Are you in?

Here's more about how its presented:

  • 50 hours of videos on all the (not-so-basic) basics, split into shorter 10 - 30 minute segments. These include:

  • ‘Regular’ lectures, with the powerpoint slides available to print out so you can follow along and make any notes you need

  • Demonstrations with 3-d models so you can clearly see what is being talked about

  • Images we draw and create as we go, building understanding step by step

  • Blank images of structures to label as we explain them

  • Visualisations to help you envisage and imagine the structures and systems covered

  • There are custom made workbooks

  • 12 different quizzes to test and retest your knowledge (I am still adding more)

  • And lots of suggestions about different, creative ways to learn, remember and enhance your recall

All of it is inspired by CST, for CST, referencing CST and supporting your CST. What you need to know so that you have a fabulously solid, informed framework of understanding you are easily able to build on it.


It will be a lot more interactive than learning from a book or website because we know what you need to know, and what will help you learn it.


It's a bit like building the walls of your A&P house, then getting them plastered, painted AND decorated! 

What past students made of it...

I love the way Caroline teaches. She uses many different approaches which is fascinating and helps to lodge things in your brain. Everything you learn is completely applicable to CST. She starts at the head and moves down the body, reviewing and referring back a lot. It’s a fantastic course; you learn fast and take on board a lot.”

Jo Clarke

The teaching on the course is fantastic. Caroline is superb, her enthusiasm for the subject shines through and she has an amazing knowledge of anatomy. I have absolute confidence in her and I love the mix of practical hands-on learning and theory. Honestly, I can’t fault it.”

Laura Massey

When this class was in person (3 days in a row!) it sometimes felt like information overload – but now with it online you get to pause Caroline!! It’s amazing!”

Who Am I Again?

Caroline Barrow has been teaching A&P to complementary therapists for 25 years. The most common feedback she gets is that her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and her passion is compelling.

‘Turning this class into a successful online course, retaining the sense of interactivity and fun, has been a great challenge. It is exciting to make it available to many more people all over the world, and help CST and other CAM students back up the work they do with their hands with solid A&P.’

Ready to take advantage of knowledge and passion and get the qualification that you need to bring to your therapy career?

Next Start Dates

Live Check-Ins are Mondays 10-11am


Monday 19 February - Mid May & June for Pathology

The exam will be in July.

Then it will re-start mid September 2024.

I've missed the beginning!!! CAN I START LATER?

Depends when it is in the year - you can still start studying right away and we will get you into the live check-in sessions as soon as possible! You will still have access to recordings of previous check-in sessions.

Get in touch and we'll figure out what's best for you.

And how much is it?

£1450 in one go or 5 payments of £300 (go to the bottom of the page to pay in installments)

Tell me more... what exactly is in it?

There are 10 A&P lessons and a selection of pathologies that we will cover. 

Each looks at a different part of the body, starting at the head and moving downwards. It's not presented in the typical system by system way, but introduces aspects of each system where they are relevant and reviews and expands them when we meet them again. 

For example we have a (very) short introduction to endocrinology when we look at the brain, hypothalamus and pituitary on lesson 3, but delve into more details, types of hormones, their feedback loops, etc, when we get to lesson 4 and the thyroid, and the adrenals in lesson 8. Similarly for aspects of the blood supply - we mention key vessels when relevant, re-cover that when we do the heart in lesson 5, then add in more vessels on lessons 8, 9 & 10 when we get to the abdomen, pelvis and legs.  

Topics in each lesson:

  • Introduction: anatomical language, body components, the cell, tissues, organs

  • The Head: bones of the cranium, joints, muscles, TMJ, meninges, ventricles & CSF

  • The Brain: structure of the nervous system, nerves, endocrine system, special senses, blood supply

  • The Neck: bones, joints and blood supply, hyoid, pharynx, thyroid, neck muscles

  • The Thorax: bones & muscles, respiratory system

  • Heart & cardiovascular system, blood & lymph

  • The Shoulder & Arm: bones, joints, muscles, movements, physiology of bones & muscles, fascia

  • Digestive abdomen: Function & physiology of organs, getting fuel in and wastes out, peritoneum

  • Posterior Abdomen: urinary & reproductive systems, adrenals, endocrine functions

  • The Pelvis and Lower Limb: bones, muscles, nerve & blood supply, joints of hip, knee, ankle

Phew! Look at all that! We think that covers the start of what you need to know. 

It will give you approx 85 contact hours (approx 70 by recorded video, 15-20 live online, plus extra consolidation study for a recommended 3-5 hours a week.) 

It is equivalent to a level 3 / 4 qualification (and then some to be honest) honed to give you what you will need as budding cranial or other hands-on bodywork practitioners. 

Of course, there is always more, and you will continue to broaden and deepen your knowledge as your training progresses. But we feel this is a good start. The  pieces of written work to be completed and the exam give you the impetus to help you find your own inventive ways to absorb it all - and prove to the world that you did!  

It is intensive. Students often say "when you said it would be intensive I didn't realise you meant 'intensive'!" You will need to have time each week to go over and learn the information that we have presented. But they also say it is very rewarding. And those that are studying CranioSacral Therapy too are really well prepared when they start their hands on training.  


And it will be fun - I promise!

Ways to pay

You can either:

a/ Pay it in one go

b/ Set up 5 x £300 monthly card payments

c/ Call the office to set up BACS payments for either version

What you get for your £££

We want you to succeed.
We know you will be inspired.
We will help you keep motivated and on track.

  • An awesome set of online presentations in each lesson - you will find them engaging, comprehensive and interactive to help you learn AND remember

  • 14 live online tutorials are included - great for creating connections with other students, getting tutorial support, having others to work with and keeping up momentum

  • You can download the workbooks, notes and the slides I have used. If you print them out, you can follow along and add notes. There are a variety of images to label, tables to fill in and in workbooks to help you consolidate what you are learning

  • There is homeworkplay (!) and an exam - because these HONESTLY help to get you where you want to be... confident and knowledgeable about the terrain you will be working with as a hands-on therapist!

  • PLUS if you start feeling rusty or a bit forgetful, or just fancy a revisit, you can review the lessons or pop into a check-in session or few - that's how committed I am to you getting all the information you need to know into your heads and hands!

Is it YOUR time?

What will it give you?

  • Exactly what you'll need for your hands-on training and the work you are learning to do

  • Details and fascinating facts from the world of anatomy and physiology so that you will know what is under your hands when you treat and what it does

  • Ways to learn and remember this kind of knowledge and put it to practical use. The satisfaction of knowing that you know.

  • The ability to communicate with other professionals or even just explain to your future clients what you are doing when you work...
  • Confidence about what your hands are connecting with, so you are exactly where a client needs you to be as you work…

  • Cake! Watch your understanding inform your hands so the two blend together like butter and sugar - and become the icing on the CST (or other therapy) - cake!


Imagine what it will be like to have that certificate on your wall. Clients are coming and you know you have something to offer them that is different. Even though there's always stuff to learn, you have the confidence of a solid framework. 

Take a moment... tune into your inner wisdom or call on your inner-anatomy-geek-in-waiting (!) and ask:


‘Do I need this? Is it for me? Will it give me what I am looking for?’

What does your soul say?  


Yes, I need this!

Cool. Welcome to the party!

You can either:

a/ Pay it in one go

b/ Set up 5 x £300 monthly card payments

c/ Call the office to set up BACS payments for either version

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here then let us know - we will answer it and add it to the list
(because if you want to know, it's pretty likely someone else does too!).

There are typically between 3 & 4 hours of videos each week, plus quizzes and other review activities. 

You will also want to write notes, look at the text books (there are two that we recommend - they are not compulsory but very helpful) and look over your notes later in the week (usually!). 

So there is no fixed amount as we all learn differently and have different approaches, but as a general idea I would suggest allocating the minimum of a full day to it, split into a few sessions. 

If you join at one of the start times then it is set up to take about 6 months. 

The 14 weekly check-in sessions support the 10 weeks of the A&P section and the 4 weeks of the pathology section. 

As long as you are able to keep up with the work each week then you will be well on schedule to complete the whole course in that time frame. 

There are a few times where there is a week or two in between check in sessions which will give you a bit of time to catch up if needed. 

The simple answer is because there is so much in it. Plus the fact that there are the check in sessions and an invigilated exam (over zoom).

There are some online courses you can do that teach entirely online and do not give you any 'live' time. Some simply give you notes or slides to read and are not particularly supportive through the process. 

I have taught many people over the last 25 years and I have found that the support from me and being part of a cohort can be a hugely important part of getting you to the finishing line. 

I know that there is every way of supporting your learning in there that we could think of. 

An extensive list of pathologies are also taught and what we need to know about them in reference to CST are discussed. 

We know what you will need to know in a developing CST practice. We think this gives us a great product to support your training as a therapist. 

Its price reflects the value you will get from it. 

If after the first 2 weeks of check-in sessions or first two chapters of the course yourself, you decide that it is really not for you then we will give you a full refund.

Ideally you will be able to complete all pieces of the homework within the 6 month time frame. This really does work better for you. 

Occasionally if there is a reason this has not been possible we can make exceptions so please speak to us if you anticipate any issues. 

The exam will be at the end of each 6 month time frame - currently at the end of February and towards the end of July. 

Occasionally it happens. People don't get as much chance to study as they would have liked or life throws a curveball which sends them off track. 

The simple answer is that you can take it again.

You will retain access to all the course modules so you can continue to review and revise whichever areas did not quite land. 

The next time we hold the exam you can repeat it. 

You will get a certificate. 

You will have the knowledge you need to start (or continue) your CST (or other therapy ) training. 

It is recognised by Balens Insurance company and the Cranio Sacral Society as suitable for becoming a qualified CST practitioner in the UK. 

In a personal sense, you will undoubtably get a huge sense of achievement.