Available to start:

Available to start now: Cranial Bones in Depth
May: Intracranial Membranes & Fluids
June: Those Curious Cranial Nerves
July: On the Floor of the Mouth
July: Up & Down the Spine

This series of five online courses, will ensure you have lots of helpful detail about many aspects of our craniosacral system. You will come out with a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the structures that make up this system, including the cranial and spinal bones, the membranes and fluid that circulates within, the cranial nerves, pathways and innervations, and the anatomy of the floor of the mouth. Perfect for CranioSacral Therapists or anyone else working with the head, neck and spine.

You can sign up for the two-day classes individually but they are designed to work together as a series. Plus, this makes them better value as you get 5 for the price of 4!

As each class is launched we will message you with access to the course materials page and any instructions.

You will be able to print out the handouts, workbooks or whatever is needed for your class and access them from this day forward!

Come back as often as you like - all the classes you have done will be available from your personal dashboard!

To find out more about what is in each of these classes see the links below, but click back to purchase the series - Craniosacral System Essentials - from this page!

Payment options

Enrolling onto Craniosacral System Essentials will save you £150 over buying classes individually (or 5 courses for the price of 4!)

Pay in one go, or spread the cost over 4 months if you prefer - as long as they are all paid for by the time the last course runs!