Starts May 2023

10am-1pm BST

24 - 25 May: On the Brain part 1
22 - 23 June: On the Brain part 2
The three Peripheral Nerve Pathways classes will be scheduled soon after.

This collection puts our 2-part On the Brain class together with the 3-part Peripheral Nerve Pathways to build up your Neuro Knowledge!

Working inwards and downwards from the cortex, through the basal ganglia, limbic system and into the brainstem, our exploration of the different regions and their connections will build your 3-d appreciation of the brain. We will consider the question: if your hands are drawn to work somewhere in the brain how do you know where you are?

The Peripheral Nerve Pathways class will look at the cervical, brachial and lumbosacral plexi and the main nerves that branch from them. This will invite us into a review of the structures they move past and innervate as well.

These two classes are available separately but this combo makes them even better value!

One week before each live class we will message you with access to the course materials page, the zoom link for the class and any instructions.

You will be able to print out the handouts, workbooks or whatever is needed for your class.

After the live class the video recordings will be posted in the same place. Come back as often as you like - all the classes you have done will be available from your personal dashboard!

To find out more about what is in each of these classes see the links below but click back to purchase the pair together from this page!

Payment options

Enrolling onto Neuro Knowledge will save you £150 over buying classes individually (or 5 courses for the price of 4!)

Pay in one go, or spread the cost over 4 months if you prefer - as long as they are all paid for by the time the last course runs!