• Unique

  • Awe-inspiring

  • Enlightening

What will we do?

We will have the most extraordinarily unique day.

We will spend our time exploring pre-dissected specimens, that have been exposed to different extents, to enable us to see many of the structures we learn about as we study, but that can be hard to visualise precisely. 

We will see the important features for CranioSacral Therapists including real bones of the skull, membranes, the brain, cranial nerves, vertebral structures and much more! 

There are also many beautifully prepared 'pots' - dissections showing specific structures - that have been shared by many lecturers and students over the years and we are honoured to be able to show you too. 

You will have the chance to ask questions, explore the structures for yourself and guide the day to suit yourselves as a group. It really is the most amazing opportunity and we are extremely privileged to have this access. 

This course will be presented by Caroline Barrow at the London Bridge, Guy’s campus of King’s College University. It is not affiliated to the university in any way.

Note that places are limited to 16 so book soon if you know you want to come

Programme for the day

Timings may be adjusted if required

  • 09.45am Meet

  • 10.00am Dissection room

    Exploration of the Cranium

    12.15pm Lunch

  • 1.00pm Dissection room

    Further exploration of the spine and body

    Including looking at various 'pots'.

    A short break if needed.

    3pm Finish

Up for it? We promise you will not be disappointed...

More questions? Get in touch. Especially if you would like to be put on the waiting list. You can email carob@collegeofbodyscience.com. Then get first dibs once the dates are set.

'This day has changed how I will look at Life from now on.... '